Ritz Holistic Aromatherapy Academy


Since 2011, the Ritz Academy of Aromatherapy has offered its students in-class aromatherapy courses. Encompassing the body, mind and spirit, the student learns a holistic approach to aromatherapy. The Academy offers many other exciting holistic health courses.

The Academy has earned a reputation for quality and excellence by its students. You can be confident that you will receive the highest quality training and on-going support from the Academy’s instructors to enhance your learning experience.

Whether you enrol out of your interest or are pursuing a new career, you’ll find the door of opportunity is wide open for you. A career as an aromatherapist is fulfilling and rewarding. Upon completion of the course, you will be able to improve your life, share your knowledge with others to help enhance their overall well-being, or you can choose to start a new career.

Career opportunities The Ritz Academy of Aromatherapy’s students have chosen are: consulting business, retailing essential oils and writing or public speaking. No matter which career path you choose, you’ll take pride in the fact that you are an accredited professional.

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