Ritz Holistic Aromatherapy Clinic & Academy (RITZHACA)


Ritz Holistic Aromatherapy Wellness Centre and Academy (RITZHACA) were founded in July 2011. The company now provides Holistic Aromatherapy Treatment, Aromatherapy Products and Aromatherapy Training Programs. Realizing the consumers’ desire for stronger, natural, pure products and environmental accountability will make RITZHACA to become one of the key forces in the natural products market here in Malaysia.

We are passionate about our consultancies, products and treatment and are always looking to learn more about how we can add value – dedicated to promoting high quality products for clients. We are committed to developing the best aromatherapy products – our on-going product development is both innovative and imaginative. Our approach is simple – we will only introduce products and treatments that we firmly believe will have a direct benefit to the wellbeing of our clients.

We will constantly improve our products and treatments and making our range of products as natural and innovative as possible, using many plants extracts and oils. We provide professional consultancy services relating to the growth, development and performance in the beauty, health, wellness and academic industry.

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