Ranges of Ritz Body Scrub



Cranberries Peach Body Scrub Powder

(Cranberries Extract, Peach, Barley, Rice)

Cranberries peach is a wonderful scent of fruit body scrub that has powerful antioxidant with anti inflammatory effect with essential oils and natural ingredients. It will penetrate deeply to exfoliate your body and will leave your body moisturizing, soft, smooth and supple layer of younger skin. The scrubby is particles gently get thoroughly remove dead skin cell and renew into brightening condition. 

Lavender Body Scrub Powder

(Lavender bud flower, Sea Salt, Rice)

Lavender is a wonderful scent of body scrub that will calm and relax your body and mind.  It has anti-bacteria effect that will help to disinfect the skin, exfoliates the dead skin cells and enhance blood circulation.  This body scrub will be able to help you sleep better and release from mental stress.

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